Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of growth and practical business operations, the following were formulated to guide partners. It is very necessary to refer to them on a regular basis whenever you have issue or questions about EVERGOLD INTERNATIONAL or you need to clarify anything concerning your business operations. EVERGOLD INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to review this information from time to time. As you register with EverGold International, you must have agreed to abide by the norms, ethics, policies and procedures and violations of these core values and agreement may cause cancellation of partnership. Therefore, it is pertinent to read through to fully understand your rights and responsibilities, as a partner with EverGold International.

PARTNERSHIP: A onetime, NON REFUNDABLE payment of only N3000 (Three Thousand Naira) and to participate in the business opportunity and vision. Multiple accounts and empowerment of groups are allowed. The company is fully committed to these values.

COMPANY CORE VALUES: ABSOLUTE integrity, people are first, equal opportunity and vision. The company is fully committed to these values.

PARTNERS CORE VALUES: Dream, Passion, Attitude and Determination.

OVERVIEW OF PROCEDURES AND POLICIES: EverGold International reserves the right to accept or reject any application without a reason. When applications are accepted and registered, all partners are INTERDEPENDENT – promoters, not agents or employees. Partners or promoters are responsible to bear all expenses in the course of practicing his/her business.

ELIGIBILITY: A Partner or promoter must be aged 18 years and above, except trustees for, in the case of infant. A partner must have only one sponsor. Husbands and wives who want to be partners may sponsor each other, and shall be responsible for the wrong activities of the spouse, considered to be violation of Rules. A partner is entitled to introduce or sponsor only six (6) persons directly under him/her, any other prospects sponsored shall spill over to those he/she has already sponsored, under them.

PARTNERS ACCOUNT INFORMATION/MAINTENANCE: Every partner has responsibility to update the details of their registered accounts: Bank account number, phone number, e-mail, date of birth, postal address, next of kin and gender. EVERGOLD INTERNATIONAL will not bear any loss, (financially, physically, morally or legally) caused by wrong information provided in your account.

SECURITY: All partners are expected to keep their password and every other access information pertaining to their account safe, as EverGold International will not be responsible in the case of compromise. However, you are advice to inform the company within 24hours in the case of any issues.

PERSONAL TEAM BUILDING: EVERGOLD International is a people oriented business and all partners are expected to build their team by introducing the company compensation plan to every person by any means, (One on one, Face book, WhatsApp, SMS, Meeting, Seminar) partners has the responsibility to training and monitoring the activities of his prospects or partners under you. However, the company maybe organizing a seminars, monthly, quarterly and yearly and off-course annual conferences or summit. After such company’s arrangement, a prospect has the right to choose his/her sponsor, and must not breed conflict amongst partners. All prospective partners in the business depends on his/her effort, diligent, patience and determination. Partners are responsible to all self employed taxes (Federal, State, Local Government, Regional and Country Laws)

TRADE MARK AND MARKETING MATERIALS: Partners will only use EverGold International trade name/trademark for promotion of the business of EverGold. The company produces and sells to all partners at affordable price and such is not expected to be sole by partners at a profit. Partners are permitted to down load, print, copy onto disc for the purpose of promoting the business.

EVERGOLD WEBSITE: EverGold owes a responsibility of maintaining website and resolving all technical problems but shall not be responsible for any losses, damages temporally or permanently arising from the mistake, errors or negligent of the partners.

RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF PARTNERS: All partners have right to earn all money, cash and noncash incentives due to him as arranged in the compensation plan. Rewards are well designed and spelled out in compensation plan according to the levels and stages. Once you complete the level, or the stages as arranged, will automatically qualifies to all that pertain to that stage. Any partner who notices anything different should lodge complaints immediately, for correction, without fear, anxiety and conflict.

REPRESENTATION OF INCOME: EverGold business is not a ponzi business that you register and go and sleep. Qualification for the rewards, earnings and incentives are Results of partners’ efforts and participation in the business building.

POLICIES CHANGES: Partners agreed that EverGold International may from time to time make changes to its Registration fee, benefits, incentives opportunity, services and compensation plan. Partners will be adequately informed of changes through e-mails, SMS, mobile phones and company news.

COMPANY NEWS: EverGold International is poised to carry all partners along by issuing company news regularly. The company news shall contain information meant for the growth, progress and success of the company and the partners, from completed stage 3 and above.

CANCELLATION: Any partner wishing to cancel his or her partnership should notify the company in writing, physically and through email of the company. Partners account that remain INACTIVE for three (3) months will be deemed to have resigned and such account shall be cancelled or closed.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Official language is English language for ease of referencing and understanding. However, other Nigerian, African, State, Tribe, ethnic and Local Languages may be used for explanation of the business compensation plan for clarity. 

RESPONSIBILITY: EverGold International shall not in any way be responsible for the acts of partners, under any circumstances of wrongful and illegal activities. The company duties are to guide and direct any person who becomes its partners. To pay all cash bonuses and incentives as stipulated, and to train partners to do company’s business.

ANTI-SCAM POLICY: the company has ZERO tolerance to anti-scam. Any partner found to involve in any scam or fraudulent activities, shall be immediately terminated with all rights forfeited. No posting of fraudulent and scam messages, no posting of voluminous information in the group that may generate complaints or frictions.

RETIREMENT/PENSION/DEATH: Any partner who retires shall continue to earn bonus per person in stage 8 as specified in the marketing plan.

DEATH: Any partner who is demised, the following will apply; stage 2&3 -condolence and N100K. Stage 4 & 5- condolence, N300K and all directors within the state must attend. Stage 6 & 7, condolence N500K, and all National and Global Directors must attend

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE PARTNERS ALLEGIANCE: All partners are advice to read and understand the procedures and policies guiding the operation of EVERGOLD INTERNATIONAL before signing up.


  • I will follow the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all I do in EverGold International.
  • I will present EverGold Business plan accurately and honestly, clearly portraying the level of effort required to achieving success.
  • I will carry out all cell duties of sponsorship to develop my business and treat everyone in my team and others with courtesy.
  • I will not be negative, disparaging about EverGold International, management, partners, employee and service providers.
  • I will consistently put forth my best efforts to promote the success of my business and will not engage in any activities that will bring loss to EverGold.
  • I will abide by all policies and procedures that pertain to the operation of my business, devoid of unnecessary INSINUATIONS.
  • I will not promote EverGold International as a tax avoidance scheme or ponzi.
  • I will not produce marketing or training materials of any kind for sale other than that of EverGold International for profit. Violation of this Rules and policies is likely to result in termination of my partnership, and all right and benefit cancelled.